The Spirit of Fashion

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“The Spirit of Fashion” covers one century (1911-2011). Like “Drawing Fashion”, it concentrates on the works that have or will past the test of time and retain a creative energy that makes them still relevant today. It includes more originals by more artists (24) than “Drawing Fashion” and covers the whole career of the most influential artists. They interpret fashion of the greatest designers of their days: Poiret, Chanel, Dior, up to Comme des Garcons, Margiela, Blenciaga etc. Better than any photograph or the garments themselves those drawings render the spirit that prsided to these creations.
Artits included in the collection:

Antonio, George Barbier, Benito, Christian Bérard, François Berthoud, Bernard Blossac, Robert Bonfils, René Bouché, René Bouët-Willaumez, Tod Draz, Eric, Erté, Gerd Grimm, René Gruau, Mats Gustafson, Tom Keogh, Georges Lepape, Pierre Louchel, Aurore de La Morinerie, Harriet Meserole, George Planck, José de Zamorra


A collection of 183 original artworks, 1912 – 2011

by Georges Lepape, Erté, Christian Bérard, Eric, René Gruau, Antonio Lopez, Mats Gustafson,
François Berthoud, Aurore de La Morinerie, …